How It Works

At Reverse PR the logic is simple…. Journalists, bloggers and consumers need information. We get your information in front of the people when they need it, in a format they can consume.

We guarantee you listing will hit Google News (and others) within minutes of us publishing your original press release.

How do you know when a journalist at Money Magazine is writing an article on jewellery? You do not, so you put it on Reverse PR and let the writers find your press releases and match them to their stories as they are ready to write.

It is how you get interesting stories in interesting places!

Why our website works!

Our website is linked to Google News as a press release provider – generally within minutes of your submission your press release can hit the front page of Google for relevant search terms.

Check out the pricing page for different plans and options!

If you are still not sold – here are a cheeky 7 reasons you should use Reverse PR!

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