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New treatment uses ozone and oxygen in hand-held device to treat herniated discs

Herniated disc sufferers at Vancouver General Hospital are being treated with ozone/oxygen treatment to reduce the size of their herniation (lower back) and ultimately reduce their pain and suffering. Viewed 52465 times by 2903 viewers

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Arduino/Pi/Microcontroller 110v – 240vac power switch – ControllerX Smart Switch

Today we introduce to you, the ‘makers’ of the world, an Arduino (Raspberry Pi, PIC, microcontroller) power switch/relay that allows you to control 110Vac through 240Vac – say hello to the ControllerX Smart Switch – prices below include Worldwide shipping. Not only can you turn on and off mains power with your Arduino, Pi or […]

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Peachester Farm Pastured Chicken state winner of delicious Produce Awards

Peachester Farm’s organically raised pastured chicken has taken out the delicious produce awards top gong for best chicken in Queensland. Viewed 285009 times by 10248 viewers

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Say goodbye to painful needles – Biojector 2000

Each and every day thousands of injections are administered to Australians – from childhood immunisations to pain management drugs – and let’s get straight to the point…nobody likes needles! But could the days of dreading the fear and sting of these needles be over? If you thought the Hypospray in Star Trek was just a […]

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The 2010 Harry Potter Coin Collection

As the world waits for the release of the seventh and final Harry Potter movie: ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows;’ the numismatics industry has jumped the gun and released a coin collection to commemorate the series. To mark the end of this phenomenal sequel, Merrick Mint has released a must-have coin collection for Harry […]

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The best invention since Beer – Get Hitched iPhone app

For decades, beer and alcohol have been giving singles worldwide that Dutch Courage on the dance floor. I am sure you have had that experience, when you stare into a crowd of people and wonder, “Who is single, and who wants to talk to me?” Often, these emotions stir up inside us, until we become […]

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Elementi Rice/Risotto – Carnaroli, Vialone Nano & Risottos – Pumpkin, Porcini & Asparagus

Elementi Rice/Risotto – RRP$7.50/$7.95 Elementi introduces a range of simple and delicious ready-to-make risotto packs, ideal for sharing. Flavours include risotto with asparagus, risotto with porcini and risotto with pumpkin. The range of Elementi Risottos are produced in Grumolo delle Abbaddesse, Veneto in northern Italy where the family has run the rice cultivation business since […]

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Treeet yourself – Entertain, Enrich and Enjoy

In the first six months of this year, over 32 million music CDs, DVDs and digital tracks were sold in Australia(1), in addition to the estimated 128 million books sold annually(2). Evidently, Australian’s have a real hunger for entertainment. To satisfy this appetite, a new Australian website named launches this month, offering hundreds of […]

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Gibson Guitar: Home of Innovation, Continues to Revolutionize the Industry

Gibson Guitar has revolutionized the face of the music industry, whose quality, prestige and innovation have earned the loyalty and admiration of musicians the world over. Through extraordinary innovative efforts in recent years, Gibson introduced groundbreaking technology with its premier of the Gibson HD.6X-PRO Digital Guitar, the Gibson Robot Guitar, and the Gibson Dark Fire, […]

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Moxie Girlz makeovers!

With the new Moxie Girlz Magic Hair dolls, girls can to pretend and create their own hair salon at home! There’s hours of fun to be had colouring, crimping, curling and styling. Moxie Girlz Magic Hair dolls let girls create the coolest hair styles with different hair extensions, accessories and so much more. The Moxie […]

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