Arduino/Pi/Microcontroller 110v – 240vac power switch – ControllerX Smart Switch

Arduino power relay/switch

Arduino power relay/switch

Today we introduce to you, the ‘makers’ of the world, an Arduino (Raspberry Pi, PIC, microcontroller) power switch/relay that allows you to control 110Vac through 240Vac – say hello to the ControllerX Smart Switch – prices below include Worldwide shipping.

Not only can you turn on and off mains power with your Arduino, Pi or custom circuitry, but you can monitor how much current is being pulled through the mains powered outlet – never burn out a motor, pump etc again!

For instance you could turn on a water pump, monitor it’s current usage, and if you discover an unusually high current you could switch off the pump and send a message through your IoT enabled Arduino/Pi/PIC to your phone that the pump has turned off due to higher than expected load.

Our smart switch has been refined to ensure maximum flexibility for the ‘maker’ market and to ensure you are safe. There are no fixed leads or custom/proprietary fittings – once you have your switch you are good to build safe and secure solutions to your mains voltage (higher voltage) problems.

Pi Power Switch

Pi Power Switch

Our smart switch is made with IEC C13 and C14 sockets to ensure you can get a plug in any length, shape and size no matter where you live or what plug type you need.

With the ability to increase the length of every input and output lead you can secure your Smart Switch out of the way and focus on solving problems.

We are 100% committed to the maker community and we have designed our Smart Switch to also house your Arduino, Raspberry Pi or custom circuitry. This allows you to transition from your work bench to a housing with switch/sensing capabilities extremely quickly, securely and safely.

The ControllerX also includes a DC power supply further reducing the pain of leaving the project work-bench. You now have an all in one smart solution that allows you to control power almost anywhere in the world (online or offline), with the touch of a finger – and best of all, you bring the solution to your unique problem, while we provide you a flexible and safe environment to achieve your goals.

The ControllerX Smart Switch gives users the ability to house and power their Arduino/Pi projects. Although the list of use cases are many they can be broadly categorised into home/business automation, security, remote switching, offline sensing and switching, and general current observation and switch control.

Summary of features of the ControllerX Smart Switch:

1. Turn on and off higher voltage wall power 110Vac through 240Vac (up to 15amps) using Arduino/Pi/Ultra Low voltage
2. Control switch with voltages from 3.3Vdc
3. DC power supply
4. Current sensing output – up to 15 amps – published as voltage.
5. LED’s to indicate power and status.
6. Operational environment ~0-140F
7. Microcontroller housing is big enough to house 2-4 shields

The ControllerX Smart Switch includes an array of safety features, including:
1. Surge protection on 110Vac – 240Vac circuit
2. Heat and overload protection on all circuits
3. High and low voltage separation (+5000Vrms)
4. DC power supply short circuit protection

For more information/updates on each of the products, please check out the links below:

2. ControllerX Smart Switch (5V 5W power supply) from $149 USD

Prices include worldwide priority shipping, BYO microcontroller, images with MCU are for demonstration purposes only.

For technical or enterprise sales information please email:

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