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Kyogle – Local Community Groups And Businesses Benefit From Repco Rally Australia

Kyogle Council’s Mayor, Ross Brown advises that early feedback in relation to economic benefits from the Repco Rally Australia event held during the last week indicate significant economic benefits to local community groups and businesses.

Figures received to date from several local volunteer organisations show that profits in excess of $30,000 have been raised by these community groups through their activities during the rally. It is expected that this figure will grow as more information becomes available.

The presentation of the Abu Dhabi “Spirit Of The Rally” award to Kyogle and Tweed Councils recognises “a display of extraordinary local generosity and determined organisation “. Full credit goes to the volunteers and community groups that embraced the event despite no prior association or familiarity with the motorsport and made it such a success.

“The Kyogle Chamber of Commerce have advised Council that whist they do not have any firm figures at this stage, that all businesses spoken to have expressed that they were very excited about the weekend takings,” said the Mayor.

Comments received from business owners included:

• “Business takings were 1000% up on a normal week-ends trade. The event was really fabulous and it was great to talk with the visitors who had wonderful things to say about our town and how friendly Kyogle people are. Spectators were well behaved and well mannered.”

• “A really good week-end. Business was up, the weather was superb, it brought the community together and there is still a real buzz around. Even if you weren’t a car buff you couldn’t help getting involved. It was great interacting with the visitors. We had people in here from Ireland, Western Australia, New Zealand and Tasmania, and 98% of them had never been to Kyogle before.

Kyogle visitor information centre statistics indicate visitors over the weekend were the equivalent of six months of the usual visitations.

The Mayor also advises that “in relation to the social impact of the rally, through the growing Kyogle committee, we have engaged a consultant to conduct and independent review for our local government area. As there has been some opposition to the rally, this independent research should go a long way to convincing the community that the review process is transparent and above reproach.”

The research will involve:

• Analysis of Kyogle visitor and expenditure data
• Analysis of results from a business survey
• Design and implementation of random resident phone surveys
• Attendance at a post event forum and documenting views and ideas (via digital recording & research notes)
• Production of a final report which pulls together the above research and provides one document on the social costs and benefits of the event to the Kyogle local government area community

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One Response to “Kyogle – Local Community Groups And Businesses Benefit From Repco Rally Australia”

  1. Menkit Prince says:

    What? Only random phone surveys? Hardly anyone’s idea of ‘public consultation’! To be fair every single person should be allowed to comment. We never got a chance the first time around, at least give us an honest chance to speak up now. The question is, do they really want to know what we think? Is this going to be another under the carpet job to get through another 5 years of rallies before the next quasi-review?
    Is the business survey also going to be ‘random’ I wonder?
    Seeing the amount of lies coming out of the NSW government, Repco, Tweed Shhire council’s conflict of interest, false police allegations and the media, I doubt we will get a shred of honesty in this review. Just one massive whitewash which focuses on profit over sustainability and environmental concerns. It is totally sickening.


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